25 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Conway Doba

Photo credit: Mark Kitaoka

Since 2001, actress, dancer, and acrobat Andrea Conway Doba has been an audience favorite in both of the Teatro ZinZanni tents.  She plays the airborne and hilarious Mitzi, in our recent production, Gangsters of Love.  She climbed down from her chandelier, took off her tap shoes, and answered a  memorable “25 things” interview that will leave you needing a pillow (to cushion your fall, you know, when you go head-over-heels for her).

1. I love being outside growing a garden, cutting and stacking wood for winter, hiking, and bike riding.  Really anything and everything outdoors.

2. The last movie I saw was Woody Allen’s latest, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  My favorite recent film was Moonrise Kingdom. It seemed to me the whole team, cast and crew, were on the same page. It had a great ensemble feeling, a pleasure to watch.

3. My first job was teaching Gymnastics.

4. I love to travel, discovering new cultures and especially new food.  The places don’t have to be far away.  There are so many things to discover from city-to-city and town-to-town.

5. I watch John Stewart and David Letterman.  I love documentary kinds of shows about nature and history. I am not a fan of reality television.  I also have a hard time with canned laughter sitcoms without a live studio audience.

6. If I could have dinner with three people (alive or dead) who would it be?  Hard to say… I am not much for small talk.  If I could plunge into deep conversation it would be with Carol Burnett, Joan Rivers, and Buddha.

7. Right now I am reading Playwrights at Work.

8. Things I’m scared of: Lying politicians, corporations, their power, and our failing democracy.

9. I love good food and trying new food.  My days, especially days off when I am in a city, are often planned around where and what I’m going to eat. Sometime this drives Wayne (Wayne Doba, her husband and co-star in Gangsters of Love) a little crazy!

10.  Right now in Seattle, I am a big fan of the brunch at Boat Street Cafe (I’m not usually a brunch person). And, this time of year especially in Quebec, there is nothing like fresh corn.  There are so many varieties (sugar maple is my latest favorite).

11. I love shopping at thrift stores. Right now I cannot resist the 50 cent tags at Lifelong AIDS Alliance on Capitol Hill.  We go every Monday.

12. I’ve always wanted to try living totally off grid, being self sustainable for food and everything (among like-minded people so we can trade, but not communal living).

13. I would describe myself as a very curious person.  I’m interested in a great many things.  I find myself wishing I knew more.

14. Something crazy I’ve done… Camping on a remote archipelago island (there was only one family living on it) off the coast of Venezuela.

15. I grew up in West Island Montreal.

16. I speak French, English, and a little Spanish.

17.  I really like the book Geek Love.

18. I have three siblings.

19. A good day for me would be when I feel my whole family is happy.  A day when I can inspire someone, be inspired, create something new, do something outdoors, and have delicious food.

20. I do not like jogging and I am not a fan of caraway seeds.

21. I have a few favorite spots in Seattle:  I would say Fremont especially on Sundays, Discovery Park, and wherever we venture on our bikes. Biking in Seattle is great!

22. There are to many countries I would love to visit, but most recently I have had the urge to visit Croatia.

23. I’m most proud of making a living doing something I love with a person I love.

24. Lately my drink of choice has been a Manhattan (thanks to Duo Madrona)!

25. Ever since I was very young I’ve wanted to be an actress.  As I got a little older I thought of becoming an anthropologist, then a photographer for national geographic, and then a lawyer.  Just after college I ended up having to choose between film making and graphic design, only to receive an invitation to audition for Cirque du Soleil.  I thought I’d do this for a year or two then go back to school, but I’ve been performing ever since.  I feel that it chose me and I feel very fortunate.


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