25, Err 19 Things You Didn’t Know About Christopher Phi

The first time we met Christopher Phi he was reading a book in the lobby while doing the splits.  Seriously!  You know, just hanging out doing the splits.  No big deal.  But for him it isn’t, it’s just another day at the office tent.  
Christopher Phi began theatre and gymnastics at the age of 10. 10!  While most of us were hanging around the playground, he was well on his way to becoming a professional of amazing (we just made that title up, but it seems apt).  He performed in various musicals and plays, and has trained vigorously in a variety circus disciplines. You may have seen Christopher performing as a handbalancer, contortionist, aerialist, and dancer in Franco Dragone’s Le Rêve at the Wynn Resort.  If you missed it (or even if you didn’t), see him under the tent beginning this week as Bruce Lee in our newest production, Return to Paradise.
Now sit back and relax with a 25 19 Things you Didn’t Know About Christopher Phi!
1. I aspire to learn 5 languages (3 fluently, 2 conversationally) and see as much of the world as I can.
2. If I could be an animal, I would be a wild parrot because they can fly and talk, and they’re savages.
3. The last movie I saw was the new Batman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is cool.
4. Right now I’m reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. It makes me burst into uncontrollable, maniacal laughter sitting in the middle seat of the airplane [awkward glances]. Definitely a must read.
5. My favorite place to travel is Kauai. It’s paradise on earth and has some of the best hikes imaginable.
6. I grew up in Campbell, California.
7. What am I scared of?  The reaper.
8. My favorite food is sushi, Thai, or a breakfast omelet with lots of veggies.
9. Food.  Food is one thing I cannot resist buying.
10. I’ve always wanted to try a three-day hike.
11. I once tamed a wild hippopotamus.
12. My first job was coaching gymnastics at my gym.
13. Favorite book: Harry Potter, all the way (although Bossypants is pretty good… not quite done with it)!
14.  A good day for me would entail: Snuggle fest with my dogs in the morning, hang up a cabbage for my chickens, go on a bike-ride, train, go on an audition, take a dance class, see all my friends and family for dinner, book the audition, watch the sunset, have a show at ZinZanni, more snuggling, then sleep 9 hours (and a shower somewhere in there).
15.  If I could have any super power it would be flying all the way, plus Wolverine’s super healing powers.
16. My favorite Seattle spot is my friend Kelly’s house.  There’s usually always at least one McDonald and there’s almost always cookies in the outside fridge!
17. My most memorable backstage moment: A joke about how my friend will make the thousands of gallons of water in the stage-pool disappear.  I won’t elaborate, but I almost drowned from laughing so hard.
18. I’m most proud of a 3 minute act I created back in 2010 and performed for all my peers at a Cabaret in Vegas.
19. How did I get into my profession?  I became obsessed with gymnastics.  Then tumbling.  Then musical theater and drama.  Then hand stands.  When I discovered I could express myself and do all these things in a show I was sold!

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