Teatro ZinZanni’s Newest Show More than Worth the Ticket

The Sun Break is still reeling from their trip to Paradise.  Return to Paradise, that is! Hey-o!

Anyhow, here are some highlights from the review (written by ):

“(Christine) Deaver’s personality oozes into every inch of the tent when she takes the spotlight, in over-the-top—but completely fantastic—sequined dresses that probably share a relative with a disco mirror ball somewhere. Her snappy storytelling and quick wit can keep a crowd in stitches, even when delivering those often cheesy (but usually endearing) ZinZanni zingers.”

“Something about the hypnotic, erotic “vertical tango” performed by husband-and-wife duo and former Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco performers Sam Payne and Sandra Feusi is enough to make a diner drop their fork in favor of gaping at the two performers sensually reaching for each other as they twist, turn, and climb up and down a pole in the center of the tent.”

“… Cirque performer Ling Rui (Dralion, Delirium) with his breathtaking flying on the aerial silks, and the impressively-muscled Christopher Phi, aka: Bruce Lee, whose carefully-controlled hand balancing act blends physical grace with stunning strength and agility.”

See the whole story here!


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