One of the Best Ways to Celebrate

Seattle TravelGram took some phenomenal photos from their Return to Paradise visit!  Oh, and they also wrote a smashing review that is both quick and glorious (delightful).

Here’s a snippet:

Teatro ZinZanni, Seattle’s beloved dinner theater / comedic cabaret / vaudeville revue in an historic circus tent, has cooked up one of the best ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle.  The atmosphere is jovial, while the tent is intimate and the show up close and personal.  You share a table or booth with others and are served a four-course meal by smiling, dancing servers, who are also actually skilled, knowledgeable servers.  The steak made my table ecstatic, the soup was divine and the wine flight was varied and delicious.

The cast, however, is what makes this show.  Hostess Gracie Hansen, played by Christine Deaver, is a star of many a show at Teatro, who never disappoints. Her wit and comedic timing, paired with her singing voice and larger than life presence, makes her a star among us. ”

See the full article and some stunning photos here!


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