Our Character Lunch with Thaddillac

Thaddillac on The Hill/ EMP photo shoot as Jimi Hendrix. Photo credit: Korum Bischoff

Have you ever had a character breakfast at Disneyland?  Yeah, neither have we!

We did, however, have a sushi lunch with Thaddillac dressed as Jimi Hendrix (which is probably waaaay better).  The shoot began as most photo shoots do: bustling about the tent herding cats aka trying to get everyone where they need to be, on time no less.  This time it was far easier due to having only one person to wrangle and Thaddillac’s cooler-than-cool (and folks, he is cool) demeanor.

Right on schedule, we arrived on Capitol Hill to snap a few photos of Thad dressed in full Hendrix regalia.  Posing, oh just  right in front of the Jimi Hendrix statue!  It’s kind of disorienting to have statue Jimi and Thad Jimi together in broad daylight or anywhere for that matter.  People walking and driving by thought so too judging by the honking and pointing.  It was a fabulous spectacle (and we are typically so understated)!
Photo Cedit: Korum BischoffPhot credit: Korum Bischoff





We then loaded into the ZinZanni van (it’s not as fancy as you might think but it works; we’re a non-profit y’all) and headed over to visit  our friends at Experience Music Project, get a sneak-peek at their super swingin’ new Hendrix Hits London exhibit, and shoot some more photos in a rockin’ venue (have you seen Sky Church?!?).

See the awesomeness that is Thaddillac at EMP:

Nothing works up an appetite like a photo shoot!  We then went, with Thad in full costume, to eat sushi.  No photos of this unfortunately.  Although honestly who wants to be photographed eating? Except maybe for these people.

See THE Thaddillac in our current show Return to Paradise, running through January 27, 2013!



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