New Show Coming Soon!

Our next show is coming soon! Seriously, it opens on January 31st.

Tickets are actually on sale right now to:

Photo credit: Korum BischoffDinner at Wotan's

It’s going to be epic.  Epic!

If you are unfamiliar with Wotan, he is a Norse God. Only he isn’t just any God, he’s the Father of ALL the Gods.  And of mankind! Wotan is also known, depending on the dialect, as Odin or Wōden.  Here is a really nice breakdown of the Norse Pantheon, like a solid warm-up for the show.

It is important to remember, we are interpreting mythology into a ZinZanni-style show.  Read: expect hilarious acts, glitzy costumes (yes, even now), awe-inspiring talent, peppered with tasty fare and feathered helmets! 

What will Dinner at Wotan’s be about, you ask?  Excellent question!  Here is a clue:

We will release the cast next week.  As to the who, we offer these tips three: Ballet, Swedish bear, 3 little clowns, and oh so much more!


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