The Gods are Coming to Dinner

Attention all mortals: The Gods are almost upon us!  Our new show, Dinner at Wotan’s opens January 31st and we’ve cast gods.  Well, we’ve cast performers to be gods.  No pressure.  Live up to mythological deity status.   Try to avoid the usual pitfalls that follow divinity, like wrath and pestilence.  Good?  Good.

We kid (except about not causing plagues and wrath, those things are the worst). The cast is perfect. Perfect!

Now, without further ado, here is the supreme cast of Dinner at Wotan’s!

Wotan, Ruler of Asgard: Geoff Hoyle / Jarion Monroe

Frigg, Madame of Valhalla, wife of Wotan: Anki Albertsson

Thor, Son of Wotan & Frigg, Heir apparent to Asgard: Tobias Larsson

Loki, Son of Wotan & Frigg: Terry Crane

Balder, Son of Wotan & Frigg: Sam Payne (Vertical Tango)

Helga, Valkyrie, Guardian of the Underworld: Sandra Feusi (Vertical Tango)

Brunhilde, Warrior: Kristin Clayton

Freya, Valkyrie, Goddess of Love: Ariana Lallone

Kimir, Hardon, & Snotra,  The Troubadour Dwarves: Los Excéntricos (Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza)

The cast is an exciting mix of returning veterans like Los Excéntricos who performed in the first ZinZanni show EVER, and freshmen like Anki Albertsson who is Swedish celeb royalty (minus the crown).  The role of Wotan will be split, beginning with Geoff Hoyle reigning the opening and passing the scepter to Jarion Monroe on March 24th to the close.  It will be fascinating to see what each actor brings to the role.

There is much more to come, so please stay tuned!


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