Cook Like A Chef: Root Vegetable Smash

Have you ever cooked a meal for 285 of your closest friends?  285 of your closest enemies (mmm spite)?  285 people, period?

This is a feat our Executive Chef, Erik Carlson, and his crew of crackerjack culinary wizards achieve every evening (and sometimes during the afternoon for matinees) we have a show in the spiegeltent.  He also hand-picks which tasty morsels star on each of our menus.  Chef Erik took some time out of his impossible schedule to make an at home version (meaning portioned for not 285 people) of the Root Vegetable Smash, a Return to Paradise guest favorite.


Root Vegetable Smash

by Chef Eric Carlson
Yield approx. 3 lb

3 gallons water
2 lb Yukon Potatoes, washed and diced 1”x1”x1”
1/3 lb peeled and diced parsnip and diced ¼”x ¼ “ x ¼”
1/3 lb peeled and diced rutabaga and diced ¼”x ¼”x ¼”

4 oz butter, unsalted
1 ¼ cup heavy cream (whipping cream)
4 teas Garlic puree (roasted garlic cloves in oil, golden brown, then puree up just
the garlic, saving the oil for some other yummy usage)
2 teas sea salt or kosher salt


Bring water to a boil and add in the potatoes, parsnips, and rutabaga. Boil until all
pieces are fully softened. Pour through a colander and strain thoroughly. Meanwhile,
in a small saucepan melt butter in the cream and whisk in the garlic puree. Once
the butter has melted and the cream mixture is hot (do not boil, it will scald your
milk) mash together with the root vegetables using a mixer or hand masher. Add in
salt and adjust to taste. Enjoy this on a cool fall night or surprise your guests with
something a bit more interesting than your usual mashed potatoes!

Eat Well.


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