A Word From the Circus Moms

Believe it or not, some of our performers… ARE MOMS!

When they aren’t busy defying gravity they are busy getting the kids to school and stop poking your brother, he doesn’t like it!

Here what they had to say:

What is it like being a performer and a mom?
Anki Albertsson: I have a different schedule than most people. I go to my job at night. I think it’s okay since I have more free-time with my kids than the most of the other Swedish mothers I know. I also travel a lot, which is something we all got used to, even though it’s hard sometimes.

Kristin Clayton: It’s nice to be asked about my being a Mom, because that has been a bit of an obstacle in my coming to Seattle up until now.  My daughter is 17, (she was 5 when we opened ZinZanni San Francisco in 2000) and my son is 8. They were both very supportive of me coming to ZinZanni for this run, which was important to me.  Our runs usually last about 4 months, so they knew it would be a long period with just their Dad.

Sandra Feusi (1/2 of Vertical Tango):It is the best of all worlds.  My kids love coming to the show. They get to see all the people it takes to make a show happen. They love the performances part but are equally interested in the busy life behind the scenes. They get to play and be around people from all walks of life. It’s very much like being part of a big family.  We have help from several wonderful babysitters who have become family as well. It takes a village!

Do they ever get to travel with you, to see you perform?
Sandra Feusi: We always travel with our kids. I couldn’t imagine not to experience this amazing life without them by my side. They are still little Katja is 18 month, Luca is 4 and a half… both still very portable.

What is something cool your kids have gotten to do that most kids haven’t?
Anki Albertsson: The see a lot of different kind of arts and they meet a lot of different people. That is SO important. I’m happy I can give them that.

Kristin Clayton:  ZinZanni has always has been a huge part of their lives.  The circus feeling backstage creates a wonderful world for children and both of mine have benefited tremendously from being ZinZanni kids.


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