Forbidden Oasis

Guess who’s baaaaack?

Caesar and Cleo

This is not the actual show image but aren’t they gorgeous!

We’ll give you a hint: One man, four syllables…

Frank Ferrante!

And if that wasn’t enough to blind you from all that radiant starlight (blink already, starlight is terrible for your retinas), Dreya Weber will also be returning, fresh from her soon-to-be-released movie, Raven’s Touch.

Look at you!

We have a title! While a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, Caesar by any other name would be preposterous!  Our new show, which opens September 12, is titled: Hail Caesar! Forbidden Oasis

Want more? Well alright, okay (Hail Francine Reed?):

Passports at the ready? Set course for a Saharan-style adventure filled with intrigue, romance, cirque, comedy, and a lavish feast fit for a pharaoh!  Chef Caesar returns to claim the heart of the tantalizing siren Cleo.  An action-packed performance teeming with soaring archeologists, astonishing acrobats, and a hula-hooping goddess all expertly combine into an exotic elixir that ignites unbridled passions… Love Spice!

Exhilarating adventure, titillating romance, delicious dining…

Hail Caesar! Forbidden Oasis

Stay tuned as we announce the rest of this ZinZanni all-star cast!


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