To Wine World, With Love

Last Wednesday when the tent was dark, we put on our fancy shoes, gilded sombreros, and snappiest dresses and ventured out to Wine World¡Caliente! performers Christine Deaver, “Big Mike” Geier, Ling Rui, and Ann Bernard spent the evening with our fabulous Golden Tassel Club Members and the Wine World Explorer’s Club.  Delicious wine was consumed, jokes were told, and a delightful evening was had by all in attendance.


10 More Reasons to Love Ann Bernard

1.  I got into this line of work while my father was working in the Cirque du Soleil the first 3 years.  I was hanging with him and that’s how I discovered that world and I liked it. Michael Doucett

2.  If I could be any animal, I would be a dog, because they make me laugh

3.  The last movie I saw was Pina from Wim Wenders.

4.  One of my favorite places to travel is Barcelona

5.  My first job? I was an usher at the Cirque du Soleil.

6.  YES!! I believe in aliens.

7.  I’ve always wanted to play the bass. I love that instrument.

8.  Ice cream or sorbet?  Ice cream, because it is richer!

9.  I speak French, English and Spanish.

10.  Something crazy I’ve done… When I was in Japan working with the Cirque du Soleil, some of us went to see Peter Gabriel’s show.  He asked us to come on stage and dance with him for one song.  It was crazy, that feeling of maybe 15,000 people. WOW!

¡Caliente! Live Photos

At long last they are here!  We have the official ¡Caliente! live photos.  Catch a glimpse into our spicy new show with these saucy shots taken by Michael Doucett.

Also, check out this most excellent review from Drama in the Hood, written by the lovely Emma Chambers.  This review has one of the best summations for the finale: “… if you have ever wanted to see a very large man dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by slices of cake while servers wearing cabaret-style mini dresses parade about with flags from a range of countries—not just the US and Mexico—now is your chance.”  Guilty!

We sum up these photos and that review with one word: ¡Caliente!

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We Did Everything Right!

Well, we like to think this, but we are biased.  No, this headline comes direct from  Here it is again with a truly glitzy intro:

Teatro ZinZanni Does Everything Right

by Tom Mohrman

“¡Caliente!, the new show at Teatro ZinZanni, is completely over the top. You’ve got your acrobatics, your dancing, your jokes. There’s songs, sparklers, cabaret, an amazing five course dinner, and custom cocktails. The conceit for this season’s show is that the kitchen has been fired, but instead of accepting their pink slips, they stay for one last night, and put on the show of their dreams. Starring Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez (aka El Vez), the three and a half hours spent inside the spiegeltent is full of laughs and moments of wonder.”

Read the full interview on the CultureMob Website!

See ¡Caliente!

Ann Bernard Gets a Glowing Welcome

Dancer, choreographer and percussionist, Ann Bernard is adorable!  When you meet her, she is sweet, smiling, smart, and really funny.  When you see Ann perform in iCaliente!, she is a fierce dancing  musical instrument that will leave your jaw on the floor (pick that up, don’t you know people walk there?).

We are not the only ones to take notice of this multi-talented mistress!  Ann has a stellar interview with‘s writer, Sarah Foulkes.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

GT: How long have you been a part of the Teatro ZinZanni company?

AB: I did the ¡Caliente! show in San Francisco last year and now in Seattle. I am very happy to be part of ZinZanni again, it is so fantastic to play in that tent; it’s MAGIC! People are so close, I love it. Also, all the people working at ZinZanni are very nice. It’s wonderful to work with all of them. I am happy to be here, I feel very lucky!

GT: Did you always know that you wanted to perform?

AB: Yes, I did my first professional show when I was 18 years old and as soon as I started to perform on stage a felt a very strong feeling inside my body and my soul. I felt alive. As a child I was very quiet, but now I can make some noise and people seem to like it and applause with “WOW! FANTASTIC!”

¡Caliente! is in La Casa!


We’ll say it again.


We just love the sound of that word.  ¡Caliente!  It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  It means hot in Spanish, and boy is this show ever caliente.   Check out the photos from ¡Caliente!‘s wildly successful run in our San Francisco tent (photos courtesy of Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin) and read more about the performers here.