One of the Best Ways to Celebrate

Seattle TravelGram took some phenomenal photos from their Return to Paradise visit!  Oh, and they also wrote a smashing review that is both quick and glorious (delightful).

Here’s a snippet:

Teatro ZinZanni, Seattle’s beloved dinner theater / comedic cabaret / vaudeville revue in an historic circus tent, has cooked up one of the best ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle.  The atmosphere is jovial, while the tent is intimate and the show up close and personal.  You share a table or booth with others and are served a four-course meal by smiling, dancing servers, who are also actually skilled, knowledgeable servers.  The steak made my table ecstatic, the soup was divine and the wine flight was varied and delicious.

The cast, however, is what makes this show.  Hostess Gracie Hansen, played by Christine Deaver, is a star of many a show at Teatro, who never disappoints. Her wit and comedic timing, paired with her singing voice and larger than life presence, makes her a star among us. ”

See the full article and some stunning photos here!


Teatro ZinZanni’s Newest Show More than Worth the Ticket

The Sun Break is still reeling from their trip to Paradise.  Return to Paradise, that is! Hey-o!

Anyhow, here are some highlights from the review (written by ):

“(Christine) Deaver’s personality oozes into every inch of the tent when she takes the spotlight, in over-the-top—but completely fantastic—sequined dresses that probably share a relative with a disco mirror ball somewhere. Her snappy storytelling and quick wit can keep a crowd in stitches, even when delivering those often cheesy (but usually endearing) ZinZanni zingers.”

“Something about the hypnotic, erotic “vertical tango” performed by husband-and-wife duo and former Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco performers Sam Payne and Sandra Feusi is enough to make a diner drop their fork in favor of gaping at the two performers sensually reaching for each other as they twist, turn, and climb up and down a pole in the center of the tent.”

“… Cirque performer Ling Rui (Dralion, Delirium) with his breathtaking flying on the aerial silks, and the impressively-muscled Christopher Phi, aka: Bruce Lee, whose carefully-controlled hand balancing act blends physical grace with stunning strength and agility.”

See the whole story here!

To Wine World, With Love

Last Wednesday when the tent was dark, we put on our fancy shoes, gilded sombreros, and snappiest dresses and ventured out to Wine World¡Caliente! performers Christine Deaver, “Big Mike” Geier, Ling Rui, and Ann Bernard spent the evening with our fabulous Golden Tassel Club Members and the Wine World Explorer’s Club.  Delicious wine was consumed, jokes were told, and a delightful evening was had by all in attendance.


THIS Saturday we are having a sexy late night Cinco de Mayo show.  Did we say show?

What we meant was…


This party features oodles of gratuitously sexy performances,  luchadores clashing in a battle royale,  fantastic cerveza, and dancing!  This spectacle of spectacular is hosted by a trifecta of tremendous talent: the Mexican Elvis El Vez (Robert Lopez), the tallest caballero this side of the border “Big Mike” Geier, and Mexican blonde bombshell Christine Deaver.  See these three lo-co hosts as you’ve never seen them before: late at night and uncensored!

Joining in the saucy mayhem:

Late night shows are crazy popular and lines to enter can get long close to show time.  If you are attending, be muy inteligente and arrive here right before 11 PM.  Don’t forget your ID, you must be 21 or older to witness the ESPECTACULAR!

Get your tickets ANDALE!!!

¡Caliente! Live Photos

At long last they are here!  We have the official ¡Caliente! live photos.  Catch a glimpse into our spicy new show with these saucy shots taken by Michael Doucett.

Also, check out this most excellent review from Drama in the Hood, written by the lovely Emma Chambers.  This review has one of the best summations for the finale: “… if you have ever wanted to see a very large man dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by slices of cake while servers wearing cabaret-style mini dresses parade about with flags from a range of countries—not just the US and Mexico—now is your chance.”  Guilty!

We sum up these photos and that review with one word: ¡Caliente!

This slideshow requires JavaScript. is Crazy for ¡Caliente!

Teatro ZinZanni presents ¡Caliente!


¡Caliente! stars Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez who play the brother/sister duo, Tres and Cinco who work in the kitchen. It appears that the tent is being sold and the kitchen crew is the last to know of this news. It’s up to the pair, with the help of the rest of the crew, to literally save the show. Each member begins to live out their own show biz fantasy, trading in their kitchen uniforms for circus costumes.

With a Latin flare, the “Mexican Donnie and Marie” are joined by the very tall singer/songwriter “Big Mike” Geier and the very short Chinese acrobat, Ling Rui, the Argentine Malambo dancer, clown and percussionist, Ann Bernard, Ukrainian contortionist, Vita Radionova and the French acrobatic trio, Les Petits Freres. It’s sort of a wide world of circus with a vaudeville accent. Every performer appeared to be flawless in their crafts.”

Read the full review!

We Did Everything Right!

Well, we like to think this, but we are biased.  No, this headline comes direct from  Here it is again with a truly glitzy intro:

Teatro ZinZanni Does Everything Right

by Tom Mohrman

“¡Caliente!, the new show at Teatro ZinZanni, is completely over the top. You’ve got your acrobatics, your dancing, your jokes. There’s songs, sparklers, cabaret, an amazing five course dinner, and custom cocktails. The conceit for this season’s show is that the kitchen has been fired, but instead of accepting their pink slips, they stay for one last night, and put on the show of their dreams. Starring Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez (aka El Vez), the three and a half hours spent inside the spiegeltent is full of laughs and moments of wonder.”

Read the full interview on the CultureMob Website!

See ¡Caliente!