Hail Caesar! Forbidden Oasis Packs Heat

Photo Credit: Alan Alabastro

The press is head-over-heels for Hail Caesar! Forbidden Oasis. This Saharan-style adventure’s reviews are no mirage! The performance packs heat to keep all of us warm over the long, grey winter. Get your swim trunks on and let’s see what the press have to say:

“A gleefully gaudy banquet of aerial acts and acrobatics, tap dancing and clowning…The talent sizzles” -The Seattle Times

“You’re not just buying dinner and a show, but a lavish evening-length party.” -Seattle Weekly

“Burlesque- era comedy, lots of audience participation, brassy vocals, and circus-style spectacle” -Talkin’ Broadway

“Frank Ferrante  our hilarious host, is such a doll. He is the kind of relative you wish you had at holiday gatherings because he makes every scene a riot.” Examiner.com

“Weber’s ease and obvious joy in the air is moving, glorious and inspiring.” -Edge Seattle

“Wayne Doba and Andrea Conway-Doba bring humor and old vaudeville charm with their dancing, singing and skits. ”  -Bellevue Reporter

“A delicious dinner that is as unique and pretty as the show.” -Christian Pop Culture at Examiner.com

Here’s what our Facebook fans are saying:

“this is a show EVERYONE MUST SEE! Great value, dinner, Vegas quality or Cirque du Soleil quality talent. So special. My mouth is sore from smiling, laughing and in ‘Awww’ from tonight with the talent, strength, muscle…what else do I say of this show? Spectacular…go see when in Seattle.”

“Best night ever, thank you so much for and awesome show!”

“We had such a great time… glad we were able to get some love spice!”

See what all the buzz is about, get your tickets now!


“Lucky in Love” Coming Soon!


Lucky in Love is coming soon! On May 16th the big top will magically transform into Casino ZinZanni. Our story opens with Proprietress Ruby betting that her casino could hit the big time with a stellar show. Oh, and a chance to win the ultimate jackpot: a suitcase full of money!

We love both suitcases and money! Who doesn’t?

Get ready for acrobatic mimes, juggling dealers, high-flying love birds, and a contortionist cat burglar, all-around and overhead as you nosh on a multi-course feast fit for the highest of rollers.

The real question, who is in this superb show? You are in luck, we have the official cast list too! Returning to the spiegeltent:

Joe de Paul

Duffy Bishop (Playing the role of Ruby from August 1 to 25)

Duo Madrona

Francine Reed

Les Petits Frères (Gregory Marquet, Mickael Bajazet, Domitil Aillot)

Peter Pitofsky

Sergiy Krutikov

Vita Radionova

Check out the cast bios and more show info on our homepage!

Stay tuned for more details…


¡Caliente! Live Photos

At long last they are here!  We have the official ¡Caliente! live photos.  Catch a glimpse into our spicy new show with these saucy shots taken by Michael Doucett.

Also, check out this most excellent review from Drama in the Hood, written by the lovely Emma Chambers.  This review has one of the best summations for the finale: “… if you have ever wanted to see a very large man dressed up as the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by slices of cake while servers wearing cabaret-style mini dresses parade about with flags from a range of countries—not just the US and Mexico—now is your chance.”  Guilty!

We sum up these photos and that review with one word: ¡Caliente!

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Behind the Scenes: Evening Magazine

¡Caliente! will be on Evening Magazine on KING 5 tonight!  Host Meeghan Black came by the tent yesterday morning, met the marvelous Les Petits Freres, and got a hula hoop lesson from the lovely Vita Radionova.

Oh yes, and some filming took place.

Check out these great behind the scenes photos (by Korum Bischoff) and catch all the action tonight on Evening Magazine at 7:00 PM!

We Did Everything Right!

Well, we like to think this, but we are biased.  No, this headline comes direct from CultureMob.com.  Here it is again with a truly glitzy intro:

Teatro ZinZanni Does Everything Right

by Tom Mohrman

“¡Caliente!, the new show at Teatro ZinZanni, is completely over the top. You’ve got your acrobatics, your dancing, your jokes. There’s songs, sparklers, cabaret, an amazing five course dinner, and custom cocktails. The conceit for this season’s show is that the kitchen has been fired, but instead of accepting their pink slips, they stay for one last night, and put on the show of their dreams. Starring Christine Deaver and Robert Lopez (aka El Vez), the three and a half hours spent inside the spiegeltent is full of laughs and moments of wonder.”

Read the full interview on the CultureMob Website!

See ¡Caliente!

¡Caliente! is in La Casa!


We’ll say it again.


We just love the sound of that word.  ¡Caliente!  It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  It means hot in Spanish, and boy is this show ever caliente.   Check out the photos from ¡Caliente!‘s wildly successful run in our San Francisco tent (photos courtesy of Mark Kitaoka and Tracy Martin) and read more about the performers here.

The Weekly Herald Swoons Over Bonsoir Liliane!

Less than three weeks left to see the ever-amazing Liliane Montevecchi in Bonsoir Liliane!Michael Doucett

This fact makes us sad and we will remain in denial for long after it is appropriate.  The shows simply fabulous.  With possibly the best introduction EVER, Dale Burrows  from  The Weekly Herald is now a believer in the power of Teatro ZinZanni (as well he should be, we are delightful).  A visit here is “to step into a realm where dreams and reality converge, time stands still, everything is not as it seems”.

A few of many accolades for his delightful review:

“Well, I stepped in a skeptic, came out a believer and time is still standing still. “Bonsoir, Liliane!” knocks your socks off.”

“The acrobatics of Parisians Domitil Aillot, Gregory Marquet and Mickael Bajazet, dazzle.”

“Graceful sensuality shows itself in the amazing contortions of Ukrainian Vita Radionova.”

“Former Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Ariana Lallone’s solo is sheer elegance.”

Read the full review here!

Get your tickets to see this dazzling performance!