Tambourine Submarine Makes A Splash



Photo Credit: Bob Suh

“If your kids enjoy bouts of dancing to zippy music mixed with awesome theatrics and acrobatics, then this show is sure to please.” -ParentMap

“Tambourine Submarine takes the entire family on an uproarious ocean adventure.” -Seattle’s Child

“Your whole family is going to love this newest show!” -Macaroni Kid

“We had the best time. No really, it was the best time, and I bought both of the Recess Monkey albums for sale after the show so we could keep jamming on the ride home.” -Trekaroo

“All the kids were fantastically cute, particularly the little hula performers. The music was fun and lively… Duo Madrona’s acrobatic talent will leave you positively stunned!” -Reviewinit

See what all the motion in the ocean (WAVES) is about!


“In Tents is Irresistible!”

We’ve been humming (and craving) “Popcorn” since Saturday and according to the reviews, we aren’t the only ones (looking at you Emerald City Kids).  Last weekend, we kicked off the first (and second) show in our rip-roaring good fun series, In Tents with Recess Monkey.  The show was not only a smashing success, it was sold out!

Here is just a taste of some of the juicy reviews:

In Tents, the new show for kids at Teatro ZinZanni, is irresistibly good fun, thanks to the trio Recess Monkey and acrobat Saffi Watson, among others.”

The Seattle Times

“It was a fantastic combination of elements that transported adults and had the children staring open-mouthed in wonder.”


“If there is one show to see in Seattle with kids this summer, I think it’s the Recess Monkey’s In Tents at Teatro ZinZanni.”


“The music was accompanied by fun performances from some of the Teatro ZinZanni performers and included some seriously impressive contortions, a performing “bear”, some great juggling (my son’s favorite part!), dancing and more!”


You can catch a glimpse of some of this monkey business tomorrow morning on Q13 Fox Morning News. Don’t miss your chance to rock out with Recess Monkey and some of their friends.  The concert series continues throughout the summer: Saturday 5/12, Saturday 5/19, Saturday 6/2, Saturday 6/23, Sunday 6/24, Saturday 7/14,  and ends Sunday 7/15.

Get your tickets before they sell out (and they will at this rate)!!

And now a dancing bear for your enjoyment:

Behind the Scenes: Recess Monkey

Jack from Recess Monkey and Oscar (his son and champion phone commander) dropped by the tent to plan out an upcoming series, In Tents.

What, you don’t know of In Tents?

Allow us to explain (and if you know about it, feel free to skip down to the photos below; Oscar looks wicked cute).  A few weeks ago, kindiependent band Recess Monkey recorded a live jam session for their new album right here in the tent.  A side note: Seeing them live was like an IV drip of sugar, in music form.  Between the catchy/witty songs and the astoundingly energetic musicians, it was impossible not to bounce around in the kiddie mosh pit.

Oh yes, we said kiddie mosh pit.  Don’t worry, the kids are all fine!

After Recess Monkey completed the live recording, they worked their magic and presto: In Tents was born (we may have just glossed over an incredible amount of work).  The album will be featured in a series of kid-friendly, rock-tastic shows beginning in May on select Saturdays and Sundays through July.  Boogie down with the whole family at this circus spectacular that features performers from Teatro ZinZanni‘s renowned dinner shows, as well as Seattle circus stars of tomorrow. Arrive early for pre-show activities and snacks!

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Tickets, get your Tickets here!

We’ll post more details as they become available.  Stay tuned!

Big Top Rocks Santa!

photos by Curtis Dickie

Santa’s sleigh touched down at Teatro ZinZanni to wish the staff happy holidays, pose for some photos, and to check out what was happening in the tent.  He was excited about upcoming, kid-friendly Big Top Rock series!  Apparently Santa’s elves have been overrun making massive amounts of kindiependent c.d.s for boys and girls (they are all on our wishlist so we are culpable for tired elves, eek).   Santa also beefed up our boutique with fantastical toys for kids and adults too.  While he refused to try out the trapeze, he agreed to pose for some great photos.

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Behind the Scenes of Big Top Rock

Yesterday,under a cloak of secrecy and shadows (only not really as the house lights were on and it was scheduled), a rehearsal took place under the big top.  Recess Monkey and The Not-Its! dropped in to run through their upcoming shows, two of four in our BIG TOP ROCK!!!!!!! series.  We are so excited about the shows, we can only speak of them using a disgusting amount of exclamation points.


Whew, that was overwhelming!

We crept into the tent and snapped a few pictures to share with everyone.  Are you pumped? Us too!  See Recess Monkey on December 22, The Not-Its! on December 29, and Caspar Babypants on December 21 & 28!

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Recess Monkey Drops In

The count down has begun! Just over two weeks until Recess Monkey takes over the tent for another installation of our wildly popular kiddie concert series, Big Top Rock.  Friday afternoon, the Kindiependent artists dropped in to hang out (we couldn’t resist) and attend a planning meeting for a potential 2012 partnership.  Being avid fans, we snuck in a snapped some photos:

photo by April Glass

(L to R): Korum Bishcoff (Senior Graphic Designer), Jack Forman (Recess Monkey), Daron Henry (Recess Monkey), Andrew Holloway (Recess Monkey), and Reenie Duff (Associate Artistic Director)

photo bt April Glass

photo by April Glass

photo by April Glass

See Recess Monkey at Big Top Rock on December 22nd!

Behind the Scenes of Bear Talk

Big Top Rock is coming!!!  If you have been living under a bridge or not reading our blog posts religiously, a brief synopsis: Four awesome kiddie-mosh pit concerts featuring Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, and The Not-Its!

To help spread the word, Caspar Babypants (Chris Ballew), performer in two of the upcoming shows and all around good guy, dropped in for an interview with another Big Top Rock star, Bear.  When Bear isn’t performing in our kiddie-riffic shows, he likes to kick back with a warm cup of honey and chat with performers on his Bear-bra Walters style talk show Bear Chat.

The actual video will be released next week, so stay tuned.  In the interim, get your fill with this behind the scenes footage: